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Lettre de motivation en anglais
Modèle de lettre
Pour trouver un emploi aux Etats-Unis, en Grande-Bretagne, en Australie ou dans tout autre pays anglophone, vous devez impérativement rédiger votre candidature en anglais. Voici un modèle de lettre de motivation qui accompagnera efficacement votre CV. Vous trouverez également un modèle de lettre de motivation en français
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Dernière mise à jour : juillet 2017
Your address
City, post code

Name of recipient
Job title
Company name
Company address
City, post code

(if you know the name of the person to whom you are writing)
Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss name

(if you do not know the person’s name)
Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for the position of (job title) advertised in (where you saw the advertisement).

(if you have little or no experience in this domain)
I have been interested in (domain) since (year) when (describe why you are interested). During my studies of (your area of expertise) I had the opportunity to (list abilities relevant to the job) which will be of use in this position. (if you have worked previously:) I have already had the opportunity to apply them while working as a (previous job title) with (previous employer).

(if you already are experienced in this domain)
During my (number) years as a (previous job title) with (previous employer), I have had the opportunity to (specify one or two key skills or achievements). This experience will allow me to take on new responsibilities with your company rapidly.

The position of (job title) at (company) attracts me because (specify qualities of either the position or the company).

You will find further details of my career in the attached CV. In particular, you will notice (mention another key achievement or interest).

I look forward to hearing from you.(if you know the name of the person to whom you are writing)

Yours sincerely,

(if you do not know the person’s name)
Yours faithfully,

Your name
Fabien Renou
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